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Best Creative Tshirt Designs on Earth
September 5, 2016

Best creative tshirts


There are literally a million tshirt companies out there. But in the search for a great tshirt… finding a cool and creative tshirt is difficult to find. We we’ve added a selection of really cool tshirts we think you will...

Problems buying clothing made in China
September 4, 2016

Reason to buy from USA and not China


I personally have nothing against China. I have backpacked there, I love the country, culture and food. And the people are amazing. But if you buy leggings or tshirts on eBay for 2 dollars… surely you have to wonder why. Then...

How to dress up leggings for parties & events
September 1, 2016

How to dress up leggings


Leggings are not sweat pants! It’s no longer the idea that leggings are for around the house or at the gym. We’re wearing legging to nightclubs and events. Just a few simple changes to your outfit will make you look like...

Rude tshirts for women
August 21, 2016

Funny & Rude Tshirts For Girls


Custom Rude Designer Tshirts designed for women Most often rude tshirts are only designed for me. And if you want to wear that tshirt, you have to buy it in a mans size. Squeaky Chimp offers rude and funny tshirts in ladies styles....

How to wear leggings
August 20, 2016

Tips on how best to wear leggings


Leggings are versatile and becoming popular for more occasions then just the gym. Leggings were introduced into fashion in the 1980s, and soon went out of fashion in the 90s. But they’re back in a big way and we can’t get...