Pittsburgh Steelers Fans


Football season is finally here is we know which team is the best of all! Yes is the Pittsburgh Steelers!
So support the Pittsburgh Steelers by wearing these football uniform Pittsburgh Steelers leggings.

Sports Gear Pittsburgh Steelers leggings & Joggers

We have a sister website at sportychimp.com.

Here we sell men’s leggings & joggers as well as women’s yoga leggings and joggers, and more.

Football Uniform Cleveland Browns Leggings


Football season is finally here is we know which team is the best of all! Yes is the Cleveland Browns!
So support the Cleveland Browns by wearing these football uniform Cleveland Brown leggings.

Men’s Cleveland Browns leggings & Joggers

We have a sister website at sportychimp.com.

Here we sell men’s leggings & joggers as well as women’s yoga leggings and joggers, and more.

Women’s Cleveland Browns yoga leggings & Joggers + Kids Cleveland Brown leggings

Women’s Football Leggings

Football games are back in the game as life slowly goes back to normal from the pandemic. We look forward to seeing packed arenas full of football fans. Not just because of sales but because it means that life is back to normal. And it feels very wrong to have football season without football games & full stadiums. So hopefully we can celebrate this year with good times with friends, family and football games.

Below are our women’s leggings for football games.

Reason to buy from USA and not China

Problems buying clothing made in China

I personally have nothing against China. I have backpacked there, I love the country, culture and food. And the people are amazing. But if you buy leggings or tshirts on eBay for 2 dollars… surely you have to wonder why. Then after 3 or 4 weeks waiting for them to arrive, you find out why it’s so cheap… the quality is terrible. And you just paid money to throw clothing in the trash.

I’m not saying every single time I have bought from China, that all goods are rubbish. I have purchased a lot of electronic shipped from Hong Hong and it comes out cheaper than buying from my base country. But with clothing, it’s pretty much guaranteed not to look like it does on the picture.

One of the major problems is sweatshops

Everyone knows about sweatshops, and very likely something you own that sits in your closet was made by a child or an adult making sweatshop wages. But when buying for a department store, you really don’t know where it was made.

Problem with quality

If buying online from China or another foreign country… often the quality and the way the item looks is never the way it looks on the picture. There is also a problem with sizing. A small in China is an XXS in the USA.

So is made in USA important?

In the USA, you rarely see “made in the USA” much anymore. We have sold our souls to cheap China goods, but at a cost. We’re loosing jobs in the USA. So I can go to an outlet mall, but a “made in China” outfit. But does it last? Will it see past a year. Is the thread count a good count or is it thin and frail. Will it last past 10 washes? If you pay 20 dollars for a tshirt… and you love this tshirt. Don’t you want it for longer than 6 months? I personally prefer hand quality hand crafted goods.

Squeaky Chimp is all about “Made in the USA”

All of our products are printed in the USA. Most of our tshirts are printed on American Apparel tshirts which are also made in the USA. We do offer Anvil Scoopneck tshirts which are manufactured in Central America, but printed in the USA. I personally choose the scoopneck women’s tshirts because I loved the way it fits. But everything else is USA manufactured and printed.

How to dress up leggings

How to dress up leggings for parties & events

Leggings are not sweat pants! It’s no longer the idea that leggings are for around the house or at the gym. We’re wearing legging to nightclubs and events. Just a few simple changes to your outfit will make you look like your ready for a night out.

Think about your top

For events like weddings or work events, try a nice blouse in black or white. For a evening look, try a sleeveless top. Or a top that you would normally wear with a skirt.

Wear leggings with high heels

High heels dress up any outfit! Leave the tennis shoes at home and give yourself a bit of a lift. If your really tall and you don’t want the lift, try boots to dress up leggings.

Wear boots with leggings

Boots and leggings are like the best friends of fashion. The color of the leggings can make your boots pop (or vice versa) and both items are fall and winter staples.

Find great legging patterns

Don’t think for a second your stuck with black leggings. Color them up. SqueakyChimp has an abundance of different designer legging from colorful & retro to classic pinstripe patterns. Speaking of pinstripe leggings, pinstripe are a classic for dressing up.

Jewellery with leggings outfit

Bling it up a little bit. How about a pair of glittering earnings or a necklace. Anything shiny will do!

What bag to wear with your outfit

Another way to make your leggings outfit look dressier is to add a trendy bag. This shows that you’re out on the town with a purpose, not just running last-minute errands. So if your going out on the town, leave the backpack at home and find a beautiful bag or hand purse.

Don’t follow everyone else’s fashion

People can often be like herds of cattle. What starts on the catwalk and duplicated and see on every girl on the street. Personally I never wear what is duplicated. I like to make my own style. I follow simple fashion rules… but I personally prefer to wear something unique. There is nothing worse then seeing the same outfit on every girl in the street. Don’t be afraid to be different! If you love it and people think your crazy for wearing it… 1 month later those same people who said you were crazy will be wearing it too.

When I designed leggings by SqueakyChimp, I wanted leggings that I wouldn’t find anywhere else. I wanted leggings that I would wear. And if someone tells you “I would never be able to pull off that outfit”… consider it a compliment. They have no vision and they will be wearing a similar outfit in a few months anyways. Be creative!